“Anthony Cheam is a dynamic and electrifying speaker. He has spoken in front of many different audiences. He has a TEDx talk which has over 200,000 thousand views and has been featured as a guest on 100 Huntley street multiple times. He has designed multiple seminars that focus on upgrading and updating human performance and fulfillment.

He has also written 4 books including YOU 2.0 and Love Life, Let Go, Live Free...Now. 

Anthony has his very own podcast entitled The Power, Purpose, Passion show detailing everyday insights and strategies for consistently upgrading who you are. 

Combined with his expertise in life coaching and personal training, his teachings will breathe power into your life allowing you to feel enriched and inspired. His integrative and multitudinous approach will surely magnify your abilities so you show up as a more upgraded and better version of yourself. 

You will be impacted deeply by the profundity in how he conducts himself and what he says. His knowledge of a variety of subjects ranging from peak performance, physical well-being, positive and practical psychology, relationship enhancement and spiritual growth is what makes him such a unique and powerful presence.  His authenticity and genuine desire to make the world better is obvious both on and off the stage. He is a living embodiment of humility, perennial wisdom and servant leadership. He is a person who, not only talks-the-talk, but walks-the-walk.


Whether you are looking to increase your sales, improve your performance or better your lifestyle, Anthony Cheam will inspire and propel you forward towards excellence and leave you feeling empowered and emblazoned with fire in your heart and soul. If you hunger and desire to upgrade the entire spectrum of your life, Anthony Cheam will deliver for you.” 

Anthony Cheam

Speaker/Author/Life Coach/Personal Trainer


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