North Americans are attached to their work and constant production, we’re addicted to overworking and don’t rest, and when we finally do rest we feel depressed because we believe we need to accomplish. Who are you without your career?

Find the balance between masculine and feminine energy, between doing and being, success and rest. If you swing too far on one side, once you let go it’ll swing to the other side like a pendulum. The all or nothing mentality for life is a recipe for disaster. Give yourself the permission to learn from your mistakes and move on. How do you get to the point in life where you can appreciate the good times but not get attached to them?

We only know success when we’ve experienced failure, there needs to be contrast. Don’t freak out over every minor and expected disaster. Take note of all the different roles you play in life, and enjoy each part for what it is. Be aware of your attachments and aversions. The sweet spot is understanding that when you’re having a great time and something bad happens, notice your desire for the bad thing to end and don’t set expectations around it. Appreciate the good and bad times without judging them.

One of the best ways is to go into nature and be an observer. You’ll see birth and death and uniqueness wherever you go. If you watch animals who are injured, you’ll notice they are not attached to their wounds, they continue through life. Solitude is another method to try. As soon as a thought comes up that you want to push away, notice the aversion and go into it without attachment. Objectify your thoughts so they can become separate and unbiased from you, and this will be the most freeing feeling.

To your continued evolution, live it up with POWER, PURPOSE & PASSION!


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