Stress Less over the Holidays


Over the next 30 days I suggest you wake up every morning and commit to making today feel like Christmas for someone else. The Christmas spirit is a time for caring and sharing and giving your gifts to the world. Give your presents in the form of time, acts of kindness, words of affirmation, or in any other way you can. How can you make Christmas real for someone today?

Once you make that commitment, the second step is to go out and do it. You can send someone a text telling them how grateful you are to have them in your life and be with them during Christmas. Furthermore, for people that are over-stressed during the holidays who overeat and over drink, I recommend you take a day off every week and just do nothing, take it easy. You don’t want to go full force into flu season. For every action there's a reaction. If you’re already stressed, then working out adds more stress to your body and makes you sick.

People have the tendency to over drink in December and for New Years, but if you fall into that habit then come January 2nd, you’ll get the winter blues and the stress of the cold will take over. Even having the awareness of these cycles is a good first step, as most people ignorantly fall into bad habits during the holiday season and wonder why they don’t feel good. It’s okay if you have a little stress, that’s normal, and in a short period of time you’ll look back and laugh at how much you overreacted to the situation. Instead of looking to eliminate stress, find ways to add peace into your life.

To your continued evolution, live it up with POWER, PURPOSE & PASSION!


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