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Do you have a hard time letting go of your failures? Some people dive into their failure and shame and spend way too long in their pity party. Respect and honor your struggles, as this is where you grow the most, in the hallway of confusion. So how do you let go?

Your past cannot drive your future. When you make a mistake ask yourself what lesson you can extract from that situation so you can be a little wiser next time. A baby falls about 400 times before it starts walking, but when it falls, you don’t tell the child it will never walk, you help them make adjustments and they learn to course correct. Take action, get feedback, and make a correction. It’s simple but not easy, as human emotion weighs down the process.

Get a mentor in the area you’re trying to improve, as it will accelerate your growing tenfold. It’s faster to learn from someone else’s mistakes, especially if you want to make incredible progress in your life. Get help from your mentor immediately so that you don’t master your mistakes, as you don’t want to get into the wrong habits.

The next step is to master your state. Notice when you’re about to go into a negative spiral and change your perspective. Ask yourself what your idol would do in that situation. You can’t come up with good solutions when you’re in a negative place, so first work on improving your emotional and mental state before you can make positive change. Every moment is a moment to learn, so develop a progressive mindset.

To your continued evolution, live it up with POWER, PURPOSE & PASSION!


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