Enough is Enough


If you have a friend who always asks for your help, and you keep helping them but they won’t change, then you need to say enough is enough and not let yourself get dragged down by them. When it comes to helping others, guide and step aside. Sometimes you need to step back and let the other person do some soul searching on their own.

Parents need to allow their kids to struggle, as this is where they gain the most strength. Support and encourage them, but don’t struggle for them. Aside from struggle, solitude helps us grow as well, but rarely are people alone with themselves. We often try to fix things for others when they’re struggling, but that’s for them to go through. The more you spoil your kids, the more helpless they become in life. Instead of giving them loots and rings, give them roots and wings so that they can fly.

If your friends are on a different path than you, at some point you need to split ways and let them do their own growing, you can’t force them to change when they’re not ready. I don’t think you should quit on people, but you should minimize the time you spend with them. Everyone is on their own schedule. Life is hard, and if we’re forewarned with this information, we’re more prepared to face our battles and grow. Compassion means suffering with someone else, but you don’t need to stay in there forever.

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