How to Live a Simple Life


Today is the third master lesson, and we’re discussing simplicity over complexity. Steve Jobs wanted to simplify his life, so he only wore black and didn’t waste brain power picking clothes. This opened his mind to his creative genius and he was able to follow through with his purpose. If you have a to-do list and you check everything off, you’re not really fulfilled and there’s no more energy left to be creative because the tasks on your list are menial work.

Simplicity opens up creativity. Just sit back and appreciate the simplicities of life. Imagine if you had to figure out how to digest your own food. It’s a complex process that we don’t even have to worry about. If you’re not feeling fulfilled, step back and ask what you want from life, and what you enjoy doing. Making the change doesn’t happen overnight, so from 9-5 work your job, and from 5-9 work your dream.

Sit with your partner or friends and simply ask them a question, any question, nothing is taboo. Take turns asking questions and you’d be amazed where the conversation leads you. Start simplifying your life with small things like spending less time picking your clothes or deciding what to eat, and expand that mindset to taking on bigger tasks in simpler chunks.

If you bring more love and joy into whatever role you play, the mechanics will take care of itself. Rather than looking for balance, look for harmony, as there is no balance in nature, but there is flow and the change of seasons. Every role you play has different seasons, so don’t resist. If you’re exhausted, your intuitive mind will tell you to rest, no matter who you are.

Sometimes the people that love you the most are your biggest opposition, not because they hate you, as they do care about you, but your decisions may not be the blueprint they live through, and it scares them that you’re taking a different path. They’re trying to protect you from their mistakes. If you follow someone else’s dream then that is your choice. But a better approach would be to follow your heart. The most amount of money you make comes from doing what you love, because it’s there that you pour out your heart and put in the work.

Don’t die with unfulfilled wishes, you are here for a reason so stop caring what others think and live your truth.The fear of suffering is worse than suffering itself, so throw your heart and soul into that which you love most, and things become much simpler since you’re going with your natural strengths and tendencies. You can try to fight the fear, or you can take the simpler route and add more love to the fear. People who go through near death experiences don’t come back hungry for money, they come to live a much simpler life and dedicate more time to human connection and just live in the moment.

To your continued evolution, live it up with POWER, PURPOSE & PASSION!


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