The POWER of Pain


If you’re not being challenged right now, you’re not going to grow. If you want to get somewhere in life and reach your goals, there needs to be pain and discomfort. A tactic to do this would be to associate pain with present moment pleasures to eliminate bad habits.

Pain is a great trigger to start your journey into an upgraded version of yourself, but in the long-term you need to associate pleasure with change. Anyone can run a long marathon when there’s a gun to their head, but this kind of motivation isn’t healthy in the long-run. It’d be better if you had 10,000 at the end of the marathon to use as positive motivation.

I’ve associated so much pain to my bad habits in the past, which helped me push through to the next level, but now I’m excited to challenge myself and look forward to discomfort. When you’re happy, you don’t question life, and when you don’t question, you don’t grow and life gets boring. The duality needs to be there for life to be expansive.

Reflect on the hardest times you’ve had in your life, and use those experiences for the better. Transfer that negative energy into positive motivation to kickstart your expansion. You can’t have love without suffering, as they’re two sides of the same coin. The bigger your goals in life, the bigger the struggle, but it’s better to know that ahead of time so you can prepare. You will be tested most when you’re the closest to reaching your goals, but you need to push through. Life is tough and it doesn’t last but tough people do. Just remember that the greatest wisdom comes out of your suffering and deepens your character and capacity for love.

To your continued evolution, live it up with POWER, PURPOSE & PASSION!


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