The first step to transformation is to love yourself using your words and gifts. You can’t share abundance with others if you don’t have it for yourself. What you say to yourself is way more important than what I say to you, because you will hear your thoughts wherever you go.

I start my mornings at 4 am with self-love, meditation, self-affirmations, working out, and a healthy breakfast. The more you love yourself the more you can love others. Determine 3 activities you can do on a daily basis that lead you to self-love, which could be spending time with friends and family, learning a new instrument, working out, or anything else that fuels your soul.

Learn to sit with yourself and feel your emotions. It’ll be uncomfortable, but the results are unimaginable because you begin to understand yourself and how you feel about life. By showing up as the best version of yourself, the world benefits, we’re in this game of life together, so be unselfishly selfish. The more you have compassion and live for yourself the more you’ll be able to grow and contribute.

Even after accomplishing our goals, we still feel empty and unfulfilled because our ego always wants more, but it’s not healthy to live from this state. Self-love will fill you with joy and allow you to be comfortable in your own skin. If you’ve hurt someone or someone has hurt you and broken your trust, it’s important to learn to forgive yourself so that you can heal and move on to greater things.

Sit with yourself. Find 5 minutes in your day to appreciate the moment and feel gratitude for the life you have. Then challenge yourself with an activity you’ve been meaning to do. Let go of your agenda and don’t feel like you need to stay busy. Share your experience with other people, since happiness is only real when shared. I urge you to try meditating in whatever way suits you best, since meditation is a daily rendezvous with the divine where the only agenda is love.

To your continued evolution, live it up with POWER, PURPOSE & PASSION!


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