LIFE HACK #1: Master Your Life


This week we’re providing you with 4 major life hacks, and the first one is how to master your life by mastering your day. I plan my day the night before, but that expends much farther than just creating a to-do list for the next day. Tony Robbins doesn’t focus on his to-do list, as that doesn’t feel fulfilling, but instead thinks backwards. Rather than thinking about what to do, think about what you want to experience today. Tony talks about the RPM plan, which stands for results, purpose, and a massive action plan. Boost up the RPM and you live with more speed, energy, and drive.

My to-do list may be to drop my kids off at school and help them with homework, but that’s not the result I’m after. In terms of results, wake up and ask what you want to experience that day. One of my results is to connect with my kids on a deeper level, and to go to sleep with love and wake up with love. The P is my purpose, which means why do I want to achieve this result? Because I want my kids to experience an amazing father, and teach them what love is all about. You can get your to-do list done and still not feel fulfilled because there wasn’t a deeper result you were after.

Focus on the result you want, figure out why you want it, and create an action plan to get there. Most people do it backwards where they make a plan but they don’t know what they’re after. Purpose is so much bigger than a to-do list, it’s what drives human beings into action, and conquers every how. When I drive my car I listen to audio books, and I got this inspiration from a guy who learned 9 or 10 different languages during his long commute to and from work. 90% of his learning happened in the car! Can you imagine how much you could accomplish in your spare time? If you’re waiting 10 minutes for an appointment, read a book!

If there is a time during your day where you’re doing something you don’t enjoy like washing dishes, add something interesting to it like listening to an audio book, or you can listen to music while you’re cleaning your home to have more fun and feel more fulfilled. You’ll have a lot more success when you feel more happy. Another hack is just to be present and notice how often you get distracted, and this’ll lead you to better time-management and more control over your life. Once you know your result, your brain goes looking for it. Put a purpose behind that result and you become an unstoppable force, but most people wake up and think of everything they don’t want and feel deactivated. Most of what you see in the news is negative, so try to balance that with more positive input.

So what do you want tomorrow? Do you want to make more sales? Have a better meal plan? Ask why you want to accomplish that goal, which will lead to an action plan that gets you there. You’ll feel so much more energized to get things done when you put purpose behind it, just make sure to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. If you work on changing your habitual thoughts, you won’t fall down a loop of distractions, similar to the social media rabbit hole. Change your mindset and the actions will follow. To make a change in your life, it doesn’t take a big jump, it starts with one small step at a time, which changes the destination later down the road. You wouldn’t believe what you could accomplish if you spent 15 minutes a day learning something new. Learn a new word a day, and even with a few new words in your vocabulary, you’ll feel a lot more confident and expressive. If you can’t express yourself verbally, you’ll express it physically and fall into more bad behavior. So even something small like learning a few new words could dramatically change your life.

To your continued evolution, live it up with POWER, PURPOSE & PASSION!


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