How to Conquer your EMOTIONS


Today is the last day of our 5 day series on overcoming major obstacles, and we’re talking about conquering your emotions. Emotions will come and go regardless of your desires, but you’re awareness of your emotions is what gives you power. The start of awareness is knowing there’s always a struggle between whether you should or shouldn’t do something, and still making the right choices. Honor and acknowledge the way you feel. Successful people will do things even when they don’t feel like doing it, as they are not victims of their emotions. It’s not negative to say you have a problem, the negativity comes when you feel powerless to your problems.

It’s not the facts of life that keep you from reaching your goals, it’s the story you keep telling yourself in your mind that holds you back. Have you ever worked out and been depressed? It’s not possible to be breaking a sweat and working out and still be miserable, so change your physiology. You need to become aware of the states that help and hinder you, and find what triggers you to go into these states. There are 3 patterns that determine how you feel at any moment in time, first is your physiology, so make physical changes in your body, like going for a walk. The second pattern is what you pay attention to and where you put your focus. It’s your choice what meaning you put to the world around you. The third pattern is your language patterns, how do you speak? Do you say you’re just fine, or do you say you feel fabulous? Master all 3 and you will master your emotions.

Furthermore, serving people when you’re feeling down is an incredible way of mastering your emotions. But what about when you’re going through a really tough time? The solution is always to ask for help, not because you want to become weak, but because you want to remain strong. The greater the challenge the greater the growth, but you need people in the process that will be there to help you. Compassion is suffering with other people, it’s lifting people up and helping them through dark times. As my mentor told me, where you will be in 2 years will depend on 4 things, what you read, what you listen to, what you watch, and who you hang around, so make sure you hang around the right people.

To your continued evolution, live it up with POWER, PURPOSE & PASSION!


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