Updated: Oct 19, 2018


One of the greatest challenges you’ll face is procrastination, which is delaying your desires and making excuses as to why you can’t accomplish your goals. Procrastination stems from fear, whether that’s the fear of rejection, judgment, lack of skill, or anything else holding you back.

Begin by thinking small, what are you going to do today to reach your overall vision? If you want to write a book, start with 1 paragraph today. Lets say your goal is to lose 100 pounds in a year, which seems like a lot, but that’s only 2 pounds a week, which anyone can do if they set their mind to it. Have a big vision but think small in the moment and stick to your commitments. Have a realistic goal in order to build a habit of following through. Pick one area of your life that you’ve been meaning to upgrade, and take a small step towards it today.

Plan for your goals ahead of time, if you want to prepare to run a marathon, try a 5 month plan of slowly running more kilometers every day. This takes time, so start small and start the journey now. Often times people make small things seem big in their mind because they’ve been thinking about it for so long that the idea compounds in their head and becomes a big task. It’s important to take action as quickly as possible and get it over with.

Don’t confuse flurries of activity with productivity. For example, if you’re delivering papers, would it be better to deliver geographically or alphabetically? Geographically of course. That way you deliver all of the papers in one area before moving on, which is more efficient than alphabetically zipping back and forth across town and wasting a lot of time and energy. Be efficient.

Step 1 is always know thyself. What drives you? What do you really want from life? What are the 3 most important areas in your life? What do you want to give back to the world? Even a small win is a big win as it starts your journey. Set a 21 day challenge for yourself, and even if you miss a day, it’s wrong to confuse disappointment with disaster. It’s unhealthy to be all or nothing, you can’t learn without mistakes. Just imagine how light you’ll feel knowing you’ve completed something you’ve been putting off for so long.

To your continued evolution, live it up with POWER, PURPOSE & PASSION!


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