The POWER of your WORDS

Updated: Oct 18, 2018


Today is day 6 from our 9 day podcast series about relationships, and we’re talking about the power of your words. The more limited your vocabulary, the worse your behavior becomes. If you can’t express yourself verbally, you’ll express yourself kinesthetically, so through physical actions that could result in negative consequences. A quick fix is to get the dictionary.com app on your phone, and go through the word of the day everyday. If you learn a word a day then that’s 365 new words in your vocabulary at the end of the year.

Words are the least important in communication, and slightly above that is tonality. The most impactful communication tool is your body language. But what if you maximize all 3 aspects? You would be a powerful speaker of course. You can call someone up and tell them passionately how much they mean to you rather than sending a quick text. This doesn’t mean you always have to yell and be excited, as your spaces and quiet words have just as much power if used properly. You can watch motivational speakers and study all of the minute details in their body and speech. Words are so elemental on our quest to express ourselves.

Make sure you understand the context in a social situation, if someone loses a loved one, you don’t talk to them enthusiastically, you’re quiet and caring. Your posture, presence, and purpose are important in communication. Posture means you’re facing the person you are speaking with, and presence is when you make eye contact and you’re actually listening to what they have to say rather than scrolling through your phone. The purpose is to listen to them deeply rather than with judgment.

Words can heal or kill depending on how you use them. Cater your words to be more emotional rather than logical, as humans respond more to emotional triggers. Some of the most powerful words are “I am…”, and you need to be careful with how you say this, and whether your words put you down or raise you up. Another great thing to say is thank you. There’s a common saying that actions speak louder than words, but as much as a picture can speak a thousand words, one word can paint a thousand pictures. Learn the art of language.

The first step I’d recommend is how you speak to yourself. What’s more important, what I say to you or what you say to yourself? You are stuck with yourself all day, so pick 3 great words you want to show up as, and 3 words on who you want to be when interacting with others. This alone can transform how you see yourself. Make a powerful mantra for yourself and repeat it daily. Get to know yourself first. Secondly, I’d recommend you find words or phrases to say to other people that show them how much you care, as this podcast series is about how to upgrade your relationships.

To your continued evolution, live it up with POWER, PURPOSE & PASSION!


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