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Today is day 3 in our 9 day relationship podcast series, and the topic is personality traits. It’s all about understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and that of the people around you. We’ll go over how to improve your strengths and outsource your weaknesses to people who see them as their strengths. Have a team of people that have a wide variety of skills.

There are many different online personality tests you can take, such as Myers Briggs, Enneagram, Hexaco, and so many others. I like to use the DISC Index as a sample personality test. Imagine you have a piece of paper, on which you draw a cross. Imagine at the top it says outgoing, at the bottom it says reserved, on the right it says people, and on the left it says task oriented. The first question to ask yourself is, are you more outgoing or more reserved? The second question is, are you more people or task oriented?

Each quadrant has a different letter to represent it. The top left corner is D, the top right is I, the bottom right is S, and the bottom left is C, which spells DISC. The D types are outgoing and task oriented, they’re the leaders of the world, managers, entrepreneurs, and politicians. They’re demanding, direct, driven, and decisive. Of course there’s pros and cons to everything, and D types can often be insensitive. Next is I, which is outgoing and people oriented. They’re interactive, interesting, influential, and impressive. They’re often comedians, actors, singers, performers, and wear their emotions on their sleeve. On the flip side they can have too much fun and not take things seriously. After that you have S, which is reserved and people oriented. They’re supportive, shy, sensitive, stable, and steady, and embody characters like Mother Teresa, care workers, and therapists. The dark side is that they’re poor starters but great finishers, as opposed to the I. C types are reserved and task oriented. They’re careful, cautious, calculative, competent, and contemplative.They’re usually accountants, scientists, engineers, pilots, etc. A downfall would be that they’re often too careful and don’t take risks.

You might have a pretty good initial sense of what you’re primary trait is. We have a secondary trait as well, which is either next to your letter or above, but rarely diagonally. For example, if your primary letter is I, then your secondary is usually either D or S, but not C since that is the farthest letter from I in the quadrant. Once you determine your primary personality traits, your goals should be to hang around people who are not the same type as you. Learn to get along and appreciate other people’s worlds, which will add more diversity and curiosity into your life.

If you’re weaknesses lie in taking action, then you’re likely an S or C personality, and it would be beneficial to be around D and I types that can help you take action. Treat people not in the way YOU want to be treated, but in the way THEY want to be treated, speak their language. D types want results, I wants fun, S wants kindness, and C needs accuracy. One of the secrets to wealth that you miss is that people can make you rich in life, so improve your relationships.

These personality types are context driven, so if you’re starting a business you need a D to get things done, while the C would calculate the numbers. You should learn to say the same thing in a different way. Say I love you in different ways, whether it’s the way you say it, or the medium you use. The first thing I’d say is to know thyself, take the test for free online and go on a journey to learn about others around you, meet them at their level and speak to them in their language. NLP says the meaning of your communication is the response it elicits, meaning you get to choose the way you say things, which will lead to different reactions from people. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Hang around people who are strong in areas you are weak, support them and reciprocate, and you’ll be amazed by the results.

To your continued evolution, live it up with POWER, PURPOSE & PASSION!


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