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Your body is your most important business If you own a billion dollar business with thousands of employees, how would you keep your staff energized?

Your CEO, president, vice president, and managers? Lead by teaching positive principles and practices within the workplace Your body consists of trillions of employees, you are the CEO of your company, your brain is the chief of operations, your heart is president of sales and marketing, your kidneys, liver, lungs, and lymphatic system are the team responsible for customer service, maintaining a clean environment and executing the mission and vision at the lowest levels, and 60K miles of veins in our arteries are the roads and highways through which your employees deliver the service/product throughout the world, that is the human body.

If you mistreat your staff, they won’t be inspired when you call upon them to work The better you treat your body, the more power your cells will have, which yields business profits The first investment in the morning is in yourself, whether internally, physically, etc. your health bank account will accrue the principle that accumulates interest When you make a withdrawal from your bank account, it’s from the interest and not the principle because you have a reservoir of energy to pull from, imagine that vitality for 24 hours. Start with one habit that compounds into a lifestyle, it’s a snowball effect Find the patterns in your body, understand your system to efficiently transfer your energy.

The 10 million dollar reason

Reasons come first and answers come second as Tony Robbins says. Do you believe you are are able to run a 42 kilometer marathon in your current business attire?

Very few people believe they are capable, but now put it into this perspective: If your child was held at gunpoint and you were told to run the full marathon, you would do it without question. But what changed? The goal didn't change, the goal is still to run the marathon. The REASON for running the marathon is what changed, but this is a painful reason, so once again shift the perspective.

If you were guaranteed 10 million dollars at the completion of that marathon, how many would run the full distance? EVERYONE. You now have a reason fueling your body and pushing you through the race. Your thoughts are energy, so direct your intentions and thrive off of the generated life energy.

So here's my message to you: Before going on your marathon of health and personal development, what is your reason to start the journey? If not for you do it for your family, your favorite charity, or whatever burning desire emotionally fuels you to push through the process.

Once you determine your reason, START NOW! Regardless of your background, age, gender, race, you need to begin NOW. The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, the second best time is NOW. So here is my practical plan for you: First, spend 10 minutes a day investing in yourself, your health and your mindset.

Second, START NOW. And third, find a health conscious group that you can feed off of and gain accountability. Osmosis is the most effective method of learning, which is why you are the average of the 5 people closest to you. You are as strong at your weakest link, so have a group that compliments you where you are weak, and build on the group dynamic. This is what makes the process enjoyable and adds to your fuel.

So good luck on your journey, never forget why you are here and where you are going. STAY STRONG.

To your continued evolution, live it up with POWER, PURPOSE & PASSION!


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