Let's Talk About Attachments


If you think you're not that attached to anything, I want you to consider if everything in your life was taken from you. How would you feel if your house, cars, money, clothes, awards, trophies, collections etc. were taken from you? Grasped in another way, who would you be without those things? How would you then define yourself?

Let's go even deeper. What if your very name was wiped clean from every state in the entire world? You wouldn't be able to prove that you're you because there would be no evidence of it. Who would you be then? Notice your feelings, emotions and sensations in your body as you contemplate these questions. If you're like 99.9% of the world, I am guessing you would be pretty devastated if these things occurred.

The question is, why would you be so devastated? Because at some level you believe those things are who you are and defined who you are. In other words, you are attached to those material things as though they are you. It's a term, the Vedic tradition, calls object referral - seeking identity through objects. The point of contemplating these questions and noticing your reactions is to uncover the subtleties of our attachment to the external world. The internal attachments are much trickier to notice such as our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, internal dialogue etc.

One major attachment is the attachment to outcome - wanting the present moment to be something other than it is. A more practical example of this is in studying for an exam. You so badly want to ace the exam that you don't realize that by focusing on the outcome, you are completely dissipating your ability to do what is necessary in the moment, which is study. Being present with how things are in the moment is the most powerful method in freeing ourselves from attachments.

This includes being present with what we don't like or what is uncomfortable. The moment you do this you detach and become an observer of your attachments, rather than identified with the attachment. This concept is so easy that it is hard to teach. Part of the reason why it is so hard to teach is because the ego has been in the driver seat for so long that it has no capacity to be present. It's only ability is to process the past and look towards the future.

This is precisely why meditation and other forms of spiritual practices are so key to cultivating presence. These types of practices aren't designed to kill the ego, but rather allow the ego room to do what it does without attachment to it. Again, sitting in observation of it rather than in identification with it. Make a commitment to spending at least 5 minutes a day in present moment attentiveness and stillness. Simply sit and observe the moment exactly how it is.

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